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Our dedicated experts research and remove illegal links


Our comprehensive pricing plan will be entirely personalized and tailored to your needs. It depends on the number of links removed but also in the complexity of human verification necessary to protect your work and to avoid leaks altogether. If necessary, your account manager will assign a certified expert to help you assess the situation.

Actually, it’s the opposite.

Internet is developing every day, mobile piracy is on the rise, illegal IPTV is flourishing, and the quality and user-friendliness of pirate website is now similar to that of legitimate sites.

I’ve heard about problems with DMCA claims that are illegitimate or remove legal content. What can you tell me about this?

For us, human is the key to success. Most companies rely on automation only. Even though we do automate our process to identification of pirate content faster and more reliable, each link is also verified by human experts. With PDN, you will never see any of your legitimate content taken down, because actual people check everything our software does. 

First, we identify the best plan for you and the products and / or live event you want to protect.

Then we start the protection of the product itself with our daily search:

  • We use our constantly update databases to see if copies of your product are present.
  • We double-check our search – human oversight can’t be replaced
  • We send notices to make sure that the infringing content is removed, and that there are no more links pointing to it. We also remove scam sites as they endanger your brand reputation.

We have a moderator status with Google, YouTube and several web hosts, allowing us a quicker response. 

If the content is not online, access will be very limited. 

Research has also shown that there are several types of pirates

  • Opportunists will pirate if they can find the content easily on Google and known pirate sites. Most people fall into this category. If they can’t find the content immediately, they will pay for it anyway.
  • Advanced pirates have fairly more knowledge about pirate websites, know how to detect a scam and may be signed up on several fewer known sites. If they can’t find the content on their trusted networks, though, they will still pay for it.
  • Hardcore pirates will do everything to pirate content, they even might be uploaders. 


The first two categories represent the most common forms of piracy. A good antipiracy service that will clean up infringing content from the internet will protect your company from these two types of pirates. The third category will never pay for your content anyway, but we can prevent them from uploading more content in the future.