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We believe in a safe and fair online experience



We believe in a safe, fair, online experience where your data and creations should always be secure. Everything you create deserves to be paid for. Content protection is the key to empower distributors, artists and content creators. To work freely, you need to know that your work won’t be stolen – or that someone will act if it happens.


We believe our clients are our partners. We are here to offer you the time and the information you deserve, allowing you to focus on your core business. We believe that you are unique, and that you deserve a tailor-made solution, adapted to your needs. Whether you are a modest independent artist or a leading global company, you will get the same level of personalization and attention.


We believe that as your partners, you deserve to be informed regularly. Your account manager is here to guide you and to answer to all your questions. Our client interface will give you access to a comprehensive set of data and reports that allow you a close follow-up of our findings. Ask us anything – helping and informing you is at the core of our mission.


We believe in research and in preparing the future of antipiracy. Our automated forensic technology processes are constantly updated and improved, to offer you a fast and reliable protection. That’s why we believe in technical expertise, but never forget about humans – in your business and in ours.

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